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Archive for July, 2011

Some men of business stature have higher demands and the ability to obtain what they desire. What went through this man’s mind to make him want a rack containing only 10 bare asses to unleash his freaky Japanese dildo exploitations upon is beyond me but the man is a total fucking genius!! Some like to partake in glory-hole style encounters but this takes it all to a new level, how about glory rack of thundering orgasm? No.. it doesn’t have the right sounding to it but still seems like a perfect idea!

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In this video there will be totally beautiful asses having anal play done on them with dildos as well as their wet pussy holes being banged hard with toys that will make them scream and cum for his own excitement! Anal penetration with fingers and toys get these anonymous sluts very excited but not quite as excited as when his ass fetish takes the best of him and he totally exploits them with multiple insertions in even a tight asshole that can hardly handle the size of these objects being inserted during the freaky Japanese dildo exploitation! This is very hot to watch and you’ll wish you had a rack like this in your own bedroom!

From their asshole penetrations to their intense orgasms from pussy stimulation it’s no wonder they enjoy this kind of abuse. To please this man is their mission and they get the ultimate pleasures from it too. Win-win situation for all involved!  There are many types of strange and weird Japanese videos at Weird Japan ranging from ass racks to very sexually charged game show sets that will keep you gaping in wonder and excitement. To watch this whole freaky Japanese dildo exploitation excursion just follow the link under here. Happy trails my friends :)

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 02:44

Nothing could be complete until a man is pleased by two Japanese beauties at one time. Here’s where this post comes into play as a sweet Japanese Av model has an MFF Threesome like no other! It has always been a fantasy of mine to have one chick riding me reverse cowgirl style while another licks, starts sucking cock and pleases my dick while stuffing it into a wet pussy of the girl above me and start licking pussy to please her while she rides me more! This is exactly what these videos are all about!

Cute Japanese Av model has a hot MFF threesomeWatch a very intense Japanese Av Model experience an MFF threesome

She doesn’t just give a good blowjob but she uses her tongue to please his entire shaft as it enters and exits a very moist hairy pussy over and over again! Paying pleasure to his knob, balls and even her pussy parts too! This is a very beautiful thing to watch so I hope you love it as much as I do because there is lots of hot and hardcore action much like the aforementioned Japanese Av model MMF Threesome in this update over at Tokyo Bang for you to enjoy.

As a member of Tokyo Bang you’ll be able to download FULL VIDEOS and almost a million pictures to keep your desires well pleased for months to come! You’ll see it all from blowjob scenes, to threesome and even intensely hardcore anal explorations with extreme close-ups that’ll show every drop of pussy juice that slides down their ass cheeks! To see the entire video from this Japanese Av model in her MFF Threesome follow the link below:

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 02:25

As you can see by recent posts I really love Japanese girls with big tits and soft demeanor. This update is no exception. She is just stunning and beautiful! I love watching her top heavy region shake as this Japanese babe rides cock! Maybe it’s memories of a sexual encounter with a big tits beauty like this or it’s the fact that she looks yummy but I have to show her to you and I really believe you will love her just as much as I do because she really knows how to please a man without having to do very much! Just ride my sausage baby!

A top heavy Japanese babe with big tits riding on top of a cockEnjoy this movie gallery with a top heavy Japanese that rides cock

It starts of with her sucking cock to make it very wet then placing it between her big Japanese tits making him very pleased with views of those lush melons until she wants to feel his manhood inside of her. Quickly she lays back and let shim stuff his big cock into her hairy pussy until it’s so creamy that her wet pussy gives no resistance to his desires at all! Picture a top heavy japanese babe that rides cock like this and you’ll understand why resistance could be deadly to her lady parts! haha.

Before long it’s apparent the only way to please this man to a point of never forgetting her it was time to climb on top and let her top heavy Japanese rack lose to bounce and give him a view of a lifetime. She slid up and down his cock with suck beauty while those beautiful big tits swayed and bounced that he quickly lost his ability to control his equipment! He was at her complete mercy! Luckily for him she wants to please him very well!

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 01:59

Ai Sayama appears in this post to give you a tantalizing view of the most amazing busty Japanese tits in fishnets. Not only does she let them hang and provide the best possible views barely held back by her outfit, she also can really get down to sucking cock like she’s a professional at it Such a beautiful face and the body is one of the best I have eve scene. I chose this scene for a reason and the reasons are obvious when you look below :)

A busty Japanese beauty has sex in fishnets body outfitSee this beautiful Japanese teen in fishnets play and suck

As the action gets going you can tell her sole purpose is to please a man. Her big tits perk out in just the right ways to fulfill every man’s fantasies about being pleased by a  woman. Lay back, take off your pants and let her please you until you don’t have a drop of manhood left in your balls because this is how she rolls! As mentioned before her busty Japanese tits stuck in fishnets not only give a great show while this man caresses, fondles and plays with them she also wants to make him cum so she starts sucking on his hard cock and makes him give her a mouthful of juicy Asian delight.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 01:45

For all lovers of furry Asian pussy this update will please you very much. Itsuka is a very wild teen that loves to have sex and explore everything that comes along with it including the foreplay of fingering her Japanese hairy pussy! You’ll absolutely love the close-up views of her very wet pussy and labia being caressed until they are slippery wet. She comes from a site called 18 Tokyo that features the youngest Japanese pussy allowed by law. So fresh you can still taste the birthday candles on her :)

Hairy pussy Japanse teen gets a good fingeringEnjoy these movies of fingering a Japanese hairy pussy

Watch this Japanese cute teen get her pussy rubbed while still in her panties in the video above then you’ll see how they quickly come off and her moist hole is spread wide with a very intimate view of her subtle reactions to pleasure and eagerness to please him too! Fingering Japanese pussy like this must be done with the utmost of attention and care as to excite her even more because the way she loves to have her hairy snatch eaten out is something that is always on her mind and can’t wait to have it happen to her. Please her and she will definitely please her man.

After much exploration, spreading her wet pussy lips and stuffing his fingers deeply into her she spread wide and let him get to licking her pussy because it makes her cum so hard in a man’s mouth! There are many scenes like this in 18 Tokyo that will drive you to the edge of your seat in excitement. Close the blinds, grab a towel and get ready to almost feel her tight and moist lips wrap around you in the full video of this Fingering Japanese hairy pussy.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 12:35

Welcome back to Japan Fun Page! I have a really hot and erotic video to show you. I just love the sound of screaming Japanese orgasms. It’s like music to my ears. That cute little squeal and scream makes me bust in deeper than ever before. With a screaming orgasm like that you know it’s a very tight wet pussy and that she feels every inch of manhood going in, out and back in again! Their pussies are like suction cups milking our knobs for everything we got as they lay there and take it like a good girl!

Japanese beauties have screaming orgasmsHi-DEF Movie of Screaming Japanese Orgasms

In this movie, which comes from Asia Movie Pass, she starts off by sucking cock to make him very hard and happy then allows her hairy pussy to be finger fucked very fast and hard until it makes her scream and cream his fingers. As wet as she got it was still a very snug fit when she climbed on his cock cowgirl style and started riding up and down. She exploded into an intense Japanese screaming orgasm when she took it doggiestyle, missionary and even kept moaning in pleasure as his cum poured out of her way too tight pussy! You’ll even love watching her big tits bounce all over when she gets rammed by her man!

Members of AsiaMoviePass get this full Japanese Screaming Orgasms scene in High definition Bluray, 4200 kbps format. The video is literally three and a half gigabytes in size! The quality is supperb and it doesn’t end there! They have literally THOUSANDS of hit screaming orgasm videos for you to enjoy that cover every fantasy you will ever have about beautiful Japanese ladies in the most erotic and freakiest sex scenes.

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Last Updated on Monday, 25 July 2011 05:59

Today’s update comes to you from a really freaky and wild site called Asian Ropes. They find the most beautiful and sexually starved women who enjoy pain with pleasure, ties them up, put them in position for a man to take full advantage of them and show it all to you in video. These nightmarish scenes are what dreams are made of. This gallery features eight videos but my favorite is the one featured in the image below. This hot Japanese Bondage girl with big tits gets tied up and taken full advantage of and used like a rag.

Big Tits Japanese Babe In Bondage RopesEnjoy 8 Painful and sensual Japanese bondage movies

The ropes are so tight they are quite painful to her but she really loves how this man treats her like his own personal concubine while totally helpless! It brings her much pleasure to sincerely please him. She spits in his hand and he rubs it all over her Japanese big tits in bondage to make them shine and be very lubed to fulfill his tit play fetish. The other videos on the page (click the image above to load the gallery) also have more bondage scenes with ultimately some of the hottest Japanese girls around.

See some tied to a chair for full sexual reach and extreme treatment by their masters. Another Japanese with big tits in bondage is blindfolded, tied to a couch with ropes as well as eaten out like there is no tomorrow. She’s tied so tight not a single muscle in her body can help break her free. They all love it. It’s all about painful and sensual sex meant to please their masters and to aloow themselves to be set free sexually.

Visit Asian Ropes for more Painfully Erotic videos

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 02:03

Here’s another raunchy and freaky sex scene that this time features a stunning Japanese Schoolgirl having her holes reamed and stretched by dildos. See her asshole and wet pussy fucked in some very intense anal penetration and watch as she cums hard in front of the camera before taking her helper’s cock in hand and mouth to please him back. She also stuffs it in her now extremely moist and sore pussy to be pleased even further.

tight pussy japanese schoolgirl has wet holes dildo fuckedCheck out this dildo fucked Japanese Schoolgirl gallery

Watching this one reminds me of the the first time I got to do whatever I wanted to a girl’s pussy. These guys took full advantage and made her pussy and tight asshole feel every bit of pleasure and pain! She was horny and spreading her legs from the start. You could see her juices dripping already  before she even spread them and allowed her tight Japanese schoolgirl pussy to get fucked with 3 dildos! Her fiends then used all three dildos to take care of her begging asshole, warm pussy and even her clit. She wanted more! It was pleasure and pain but one thing’s for sure, she loved every moment of it! One of the best dildo fucking girls I have ever seen on the internet.

As her outfit came off and she finally removed all of what’s left to her Japanese Schoolgirl uniform her true beauty shined through with an amazing soft bush, beautiful tiny tits and a tight yet smooth curvy body to do whatever they wanted with to her! She was so horny and cuming so hard that she started sucking cock and wanting one to be stuffed into her moist hairy pussy too. There’s not much else I can say to describe this scene aside from the word ‘Fantastic’

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Last Updated on Sunday, 24 July 2011 10:58