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Archive for September, 2011

Cheerleader teen Kaoru Mugi gets her tight little cunt finger fucked

There’s almost nothing as refreshing as a freshly 18 year old Japanese cute teen letting a man explore her tender wet pussy. This hairy cutie loves to be explored and as nervous as she may be about it all she loves that we can all see her sexual parts in full display. From the moment she sat with the man in this video she had her pussy lips spread with her cheerleader skirt lifted so we can see it all. He spread her wet pussy lips open and you can see juices oozing out of her hole. She wanted to be touched and it makes her hairy pussy so warm and excited to play more!

He lays her down and explores her pussy even more then sticks a finger in. It feels very warm and sticky to him. He could only fit one finger in without making her tense up so he knew she would be a great Japanese teen to explore deeper! As he started finger fucking her tight cunt harder, cheerleader Kaoru Mugi clenched her hands and closed her eyes. It felt so good to her and the pussy juices kept oozing out! It even hurts a little but she loves it!

You can also see how her tiny tits have such hard little nipples on them. He massaged those too and when she came close to cumming he put a second finger in and spread them apart a bit to press against her g-spot and made her pussy throb and kneed his fingers with each rush of her orgasm! It’s like her cuming pussy was chewing his fingers with each pulse of her orgasm!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 28 August 2011 07:52

Japanese busty nympho withlarge jugs sucked and fucked in her hairy pussy

A riddle for the day: What’s the most obvious feature that tells you you’re looking at a woman? Big tits of course! BigTitsTokyo brings you the most big tits Japanese babes you will ever see in one site. Even with her panties still on this Japanese busty nympho getting fucked in her hairy pussy will drive you wild! I want to rest my body against her, feel her chesticles pressed firm against me and slide my cock deep into that sloppy wet pussy of hers with her panties pushed aside. The guy in this video is one lucky fucker!

Mina is one very beautiful dark haired Japanese babe with a tight top and see-through panties laying on a bed. Dude grabs her from behind and massages her big tits over and over. He gets more than a handful of trouble when she starts grinding her ass against his growing cock and begs with her hips to be fucked in her hairy pussy. This nympho sure knows what she wants and that her busty chest gets her everything she desires! Once turned over on her back he unleashes her lush breasts and starts sucking each nipple and feeling her fat chest pressed against his face.

All these visuals and soft body parts against him must have been too much to resist because it took merely minutes before he had pushed those panties aside and explored her wet pussy as she lay there dripping juices from it. He took out his cock and slid it in real slow, steady and nervously! You can tell he wanted to just ram it in balls deep right then but was enjoying how her hairy pussy feels swallowing his manhood! He started pumping her longer and harder then once he was fucking her as hard as he could her big tits were bouncing, jiggling and begging for his attention. She wrapped her legs tight around him and made his cock cum deep inside her pussy in an explosive orgasm they both shared.

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Last Updated on Sunday, 28 August 2011 07:41

Shaved Japanese Nao has two sex toys pushing her over the edge

Here’s a special little update close to my heart. As much as I love a fur biscuit I love shaved pussy more. In this update you’ll see a shaved Japanese Nao having a screaming sex toy orgasm on video with two large vibrating massagers used by two guys who want her to cum until she faints! She looks like she is having an amazingly good time as her wet pussy drips juice all over these sex toys until she bursts out into a screaming orgasm and doing it over and over again! You’ll see the best up-close moist pussy shots and even see how her entire set of pussy lips and clitoris all twitches and gyrates with her hips with each touch, cool breeze across her wetness and with every orgasm she endures!

While watching these videos you can see how the sexual rage is building up inside her. Nothing else matters to this Japanese cutie and she is experiencing orgasmic bliss that no cock could ever give her shaved pussy! I bet she won’t even feel her numb pussy stretched beyond what’s possible when the head of the massager enters inside after all the excitement she gets in this video but the bonus with that is once it’s all numb and sensitive in many parts of her her pussy and tight asshole it will all only respond stronger to a cock pounding mercilessly inside right after the toys do their job on her!

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Japanese nude slut named Kirara Asuka is sucking and fucking two guys outdoors

I have always had a fetish for outdoor fucking so this update really tickles me pink! Check it out. I’d like for you to meet Kirara Asuka. She’s a smoking hot milf with a very pretty face and an amazing pair of big tits and perfect body. She loves cum swallowing, sucking cock and having her tight asshole fingered, fucked and stretched open while her hairy pussy cums and drips with joy! So enjoy the videos above of this nude Japanese milf sucking and fucking outdoors.

This Japanese bitch really looks so fucking hot in her pantyhose with no panties on underneath. Her wet pussy just begs to be fucked outdoors and with this nude Kirara Asuka pulling out all her sexual tricks she proceeds to start sucking cock and fucking two dudes right then and there! My favorite video from the gallery is where she mounts on top of one guy cowgirl style and rides that slippery hairy Japanese pussy up and down his shaft with those nice big tits bouncing up and down.

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Firm Japanese teen leaning over nude on bed with breasts hanging

Today’s update will have you craving a Japanese cute teen like this one all day. Be warned my friends haha. This update comes from a gallery I found hosted by Bonk My Japanese‘s picture section. She has a very pretty face and amazingly firm Japanese nude body to explore. Her lovely handful of perky tits are one thing but once you see her cute tight asshole and always-wet pussy exposed and spread open you’ll wish you could stuff your cock deep up inside of her to feel how tight her hairy pussy is.

Firm Japanese teen spreading legs exposing sweet wet and hairy pussy

Just look at this perfect pussy! It’s ripe, legal and ready to be fucked! Nowhere else could you find such a sweet firm Japanese teen with a sweet hairy pussy like this nude on a bed. If I had a girl like this to wake up to every morning I would eat her wet hairy pussy and finger her tight asshole every morning and taste her pink juices until she creamed in my mouth then fuck her until it hurts! Don’t you just love how her meaty tight pussy looks with her legs spread open? Such shape, firmness and definition of her slender and skinny body would make for the best view while penetrating and fingering her hrmmmmm

I hope you enjoyed today’s firm Japanese teen with her sweet hairy pussy exposed while nude on the bed. I know it gave me a massive hard-on exploring all her photos and the videos of girls just like her at Bonk My Japanese but now it’s time for you to see what else they have of this cutie and others just like her. It’s a free tour so enjoy and I hope you find a handful of sweeties that you love as much as I adored this one.

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Last Updated on Sunday, 28 August 2011 06:33

Rino Asuka strips then models nude for a painter before sucking him off and getting fucked

Rino Asuka came into the art studio to pose nude for a local artist. This cute teen had no idea what was about to happen next. As she starts taking her clothes off she can see how it excites him to watch her and while posing nude on the podium she can’t help but start touching her Asian hairy pussy and noticed how wet she was getting. It wasn’t long before the artist forgot about his drawings and watched her masturbating intently. It excited her a lot to know what effect she has on him and how much it pleases anyone watching her. Rino Asuka knew that as she models nude for the painter that she needs to do something to make sure she fucks him.

Her imagination got the best of her self control and she started to seductively caress her Japanese tiny tits and started spreading her legs to give a great view of how wet she is. Rino models nude some more for the painter then approaches and seductively shows she’ll be happiest when she fucks him! She grabbed his cock, put it in her mouth and gave him a world class blowjob first before laying down and pulling his cock towards her wet pussy for him to fill her up with. She started vocalizing little squeals because it feels so good inside her soaking wet cumming pussy until he leaves a sticky creampie inside her.

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Soft hairy pussy exposed wide open when Asian teen spreads her legs

For many years now Japanese women have been the staple of far off exotic beauties that we have enjoyed on our screens. 88 Square has been through much of that providing high quality Japanese teens and babes in superb quality photos and videos. You’ll love the uncensored erotic approach by their photographers as well as all the famous Japanese AV stars they feature on the website. The gallery above is no exception. Quality and cuteness with this cute teen to the max! I love how her soft hairy pussy is spread wide open to show even the most minute detail of her wet pussy lips and beautiful little tiny tits in their perky glory!

Click the gallery image above and in the page that loads you will see many thumbnail pictures of this Asian teen with hairy pussy spreading for you. Look at picture #2 real closely. I can guarantee it would feel like total heaven to lick her pussy wet and sloppy then slide your hard cock in feeling her tight and excited hairy pussy lips caress and squeeze every inch of your cock until you reach inside balls-deep while fucking her! Let your imagination run wild and also enjoy the video page below.

trimmed and hairy japanese teen pussy stuffed with dildo up close

The video page above has close ups of Japanese hairy pussy being stuffed with a thick dildo. See how her wet pussy lips stretch open and they would feel so good wrapped around your throbbing cock. She even turns the vibrate feature on, sticks the head in and gyrates her petite pussy until she cums all around it while dildo fucking herself and making it sloppy wet for you to enjoy. 88 Square is full of hot videos like this. It’s intimacy with the hottest Japanese teens you’ll ever see!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 28 August 2011 06:16

Today’s video is brought to you by All Japanese Pass with over 10 thousand videos to download and enjoy! Now lets get to this cock hungry Japanese teen Haruka Aoi getting pounded hard. It started off as just being a video in the kitchen to show her stripping down to just her bra and panties. She is very curious, nervous and willing to try it. Once Haruka had nothing but her sexy blue undergarments left on she saw one guy pull out his cock. She became very hungry for it and reluctantly took the rest of her clothes off. As soon as she got down on the floor to give a nice view of her round tiny tits she took two cocks in her mouth at once and started sucking cock ferociously. She couldn’t get enough and was loving this attention and two cocks in a threesome to do what she wanted with!

Her hairy pussy was getting to be a very soaking wet pussy and wanted to feel the bigger cock inside of it so he laid her down and stuck it in as far and deep as it could go with Haruka’s legs spread wide. She loved it so much and her pussy felt like wet silk to his cock. He pounded her hard, fast and as deep as he could do it! She busted out into an amazingly long screaming orgasm so he shot a huge load inside of her squeezing pussy! Once he pulled out his cock the camera got a close up view of her creampie pussy that was still enduring an intense orgasm, throbbing and oozing all that cum out with each orgasmic peak of pleasure!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 4 September 2011 02:11