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Archive for November, 2011

I admit, I never noticed this AnalNippon before. Jreg has made a nice screenshot of it for the links to the left-hand side of this site and I noticed it a few moments ago. After checking it out I am very pleased with what I see! There’s just something so raw and sexy about the cutest of Japanese asses spread wide open, exposing their dripping wet pussies and just mercilessly fucking them straight up the ass until they cum! So today’s update is an anal special with Yuka Matsushita getting spread wide open and toyed in her butt hole!

Legs spread wide with anal toy in asshole

I must have an obsession with Japanese Milfs lately because seeing Yuka Matsushita getting spread & toyed with a dildo got me quite excited! Most of the videos inside AnalNippon are hardcore anal penetration ones with actual cock involved but this is a great little war-up video for our special anal post today :)

The scene actually starts off with this guy rubbing her crotch fiercely and getting overly excited playing with her flexible, eager and perfect body. For some reason the videos are listed backwards in the gallery page I linked to above here. So start from the bottom, up. She gets extremely wet, excited and ready to explore pleasures with her asshole. She set herself up in a very kinky position that gives great views to her legs spread open wide and that fantastic pussy straight up in the air. You’ll love that beefy set of pussy lips on her shaved pussy when spread and toyed as well.


It gets really exciting though when he probes her and stuffs that asshole with a dildo. The pleasure waves focused right inside her anal cavity make her pussy muscles clench, pucker and gape with each wave of pre-orgasm waves shuffling through her pelvis. MM. What a view! Do yourself a favor: Download this full movie to see the orgasmic outburst she has!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 01:31

Michie Maruo thrived on the fact that she’s never done something so exposing and intimate before where anyone could see her. Secretly she is a very sexual young woman who never really lets herself get carried away with her sexual desires. She appeared on Maiko XXX for the simple fact that it was something new, exciting, dangerous and made her extremely horny thinking about it. The shock of the day isn’t so much that she finally lets herself go and enjoys some very intimate moments with you and this stranger on set but mostly the big shocker is that she let him cum inside her pussy!

Petite Japanese tart gets herself pregnant

First off lets get her body down to a science. She’s got the tiniest erect little tits I’ve seen in ages, a gorgeous smile, cute face and a petite frame that loves getting snuggled. We’re not here to snuggle so she grabbed the dude’s stick with delight, stroked him until he was semi hard and the stuffed it in her mouth. If she would have left it right there we wouldn’t have the need for her the Petite Japanese Getting Pregnant title on this page so obviously her curiosity gets the best of her and she complete reveals herself, bends over and spreads her sexy little butt cheeks to get fucked deeply by his unprotected cock.

Now before heading over to see the gallery I want you guys to pay very close attention to her sweet curves in all the pictures. It’s a sight that gets a rise out of any man. This girl is absolutely divine and I would bet many men would jump at the chance to play shotgun-wedding roulette with that fine beaver of hers! She really can’t control her sexual urges anymore and the fear of this petite Japanese teen getting pregnant is not as powerful as she urge to grind down hard on his cock until he’s ready cum, lays flat on her back then entices him to finish himself off but lets him stuff it deep in her pussy as she squeals and fights not to wrap her legs around tight and take his baby-batter injection so deep that barely any seeps out when they’re done!


Whether she truly got knocked up or not cannot be confirmed but one things for certain, when she needs diaper money she’ll be back to take a second stab at the glory at MaikoXXX. If she does, check for stretch marks. A load this big has to have implanted something!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 12:56

The beauties just keep coming! As stated before about 18 Tokyo, they have a phenomenal collection of 18 year old beautiful Japanese teens that have great sex, pose seductively for the camera and will satisfy your masturbatory needs day in, day out!

Great sex video of Japanese teen fucked hard

How can you tell when a beautiful girls is having great sex? By the way they lay there helpless taking the pounding and never losing that “oh my god!” look on their faces the entire time! Add to the the fact that when he pulled out to mount her in today’s videos and came on her face she laid there and took the sticky facial like a champ. Almost relieved but excited at what just happened. As you’ll see in her Japanese teen videos this is one piece of ass that would be the bomb to have sex with. Any man would fuck that tight trimmed pussy of hers deep and hard like this just to keep her still and wet :)

He pounded that tight frame hard enough to make her small tits jiggle and bounce with each thrust as this beautiful Japanese teens enjoys great sex with her partner. Her slender legs didn’t know quite what to do with that fat cock penetrating her tight pussy but every inch of it was heaven to her and it wasn’t long before she had his cock lathered up really good with her pussy juices.


If you expect only sweet, innocent and demure little ladies then you best not click this link. As beautiful as these specimens are they have a dirty sticky side to them that will have you un-fucking-glued with glee! These Japanese honeys love to fuck and suck like the dirty little whores that they secretly are. So enjoy the HQ videos at 18 Tokyo and remember, these girl won’t stop fucking until you blow a load of cum!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 01:15

Holy snappin vaginas she’s got a hairy taco! This cute and tiny milf is going to surprise you and change everything you know about Japanese women! The old adage states that Asian women never age. Well, they do age but not at a pace that makes any sense. They stay youthful for 50 years then BAM! It’s game over then but let me tell you this 40ish experienced cutie will rock your cock right off!

I absolutely love the tiny curves present with this one guys. Check out that fantastic tiny little pocket-sized milf ass of hers in her hardcore gallery. I never even imagined there was enough room for meat on them bones to wrap around his entire cock let alone in such a feverish pace that her sweet little mature pussy takes it’s cock beating with.

The way she delicately and precisely sucks his cock is ball expanding to watch. That cute face of hers going down on cock makes me wonder how much of a little fuck-slut she must have been in her younger years. She must have drove all the boys crazy in her neighborhood! Get a load of that experienced cute and tiny ass taking a deep delicious dicking in doggie style position. Just imagine how good it would feel to have her experienced pussy squeezing your cock, milking it for everything you have as you pound in deep trying to rearrange her innards.


This experienced cute, among all the other hot milfs at Maiko Milfs, will have your balls busting with desire as you download, stream and steam up the windows enjoying these absolutely hot videos!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 02:05

As you can see from the bulk of my post all through the Fun Pages network, I do tend to focus on the mystery, beauty and visual enticement of the models featured here on the blog. However, sometimes something so raw, unbelievable and of such high sexual caliber that I just need to get right to the good stuff for you. With that being said, I wish to introduce you all to a Japan AV Star, Yurika Goto, with her dripping wet hairy snatch!

It’s hard to tell what she’s doing when the video first starts but once the camera pans down you’ll see there’s some special attention being paid to her hairy little pussy just begging to escape her tight soaked panties. Within moments she slides her favorite dildo right in between those meaty Asian pussy lips of hers and proceeds to intimately dildo-fuck herself to an explosively wet squirting orgasm that leaves her outstretched pussy lips soaked with her own juices, that tiny tight asshole of hers greased up and puckered as well as her entire body still shaking and bucking with each orgasmic pussy contraction even when she removes the toy from her pussy hole.

That’s when Yurika Gotos dripping pussy becomes a tale of the century. It’s literally just a waterfall of juices every time the camera zooms in close.


At JavHq you’ll have access to a whole hut-load of Japanese teen movies getting their tight pussies banged in one of the most explicit collections of the sweetest and naughtiest teens from Japan on the internet! All the movies are uncensored and only available inside the members area. If you like close-up masturbation videos and POV stye hardcore then you definitely should get a password to the full member’s section. You can join for as cheap as $1. Seriously. That’s it!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 05:17

Tiny tittied horny teens love to fuck like there's no tomorrow.

It’s really true. This little beauty from Maiko Teens is a prime example of such an obvious statement! I discovered her when the New Maiko Sites were released to the world public a week or so ago and I am absolutely stunned by the teenage Japanese beauties they have in the members section. Heck, even the free tour is very cock-arousing! They really all do fuck when horny. Right at that that the first moment of curious thought runs through their minds.

Most girls are quite reserved, pretend to be able to keep their inhibitions in-check but the reality is when opportunity to fuck when they are horny arises they always take up the offer! Especially the ones at Maiko Teens where there’s literally a collection of some of the hottest Japanese teens fucking in Hi-Def hardcore videos. The selection of models is astounding! Mad props to their talent agency for scooping up some of the tastiest treats so far! This year has been very promising with the new Japanese teen sites hitting the wires and I think you’ll agree that The Maiko Series truly ads an element of surprise, intrigue and satisfaction to those who appreciate fresh Japanese faces, quality videography and a blend of technology that delivers it in style to your screen! Whether portable or at home.


That’s one of the things that sparked me the most about the site is the seamless integration of mobile. Whether you have a *pad, BlackBerry or ‘Droid device, you have full access to all the videos in great video quality for long strips, personal relief sessions on the cam or sitting comfortably at your desk with the big screen to gaze unto enjoying horny Japanese teens that love to fuck!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 12:16

Yes, you read that right! There’s a total of 4 Asian lesbians having a love affair right before your eyes here today on The Japan Fun Page. I hope you have a waterproof browser because things are about to get very fucking wet!

Check out this wild sex gallery of all 4 lesbians having a love affair eating pussy, fingering wet cunts and licking each other to orgasmic bliss! Only in Asia will you be able to find 4 hot-to-trot fuck puppets ready to put on a show for all the guys at any given time just because it feels good to eat pussy. Nobody would argue with that take on things would they?

4 hot Asian girls have lesbian sex affair

It’s not enough that the sight of these 4 ladies is enough to make every man in the room hard as fuck but when they start to actually finger bang each others dripping wet pussies and munch right down getting a mouth full of labia this could be grounds for a group no-holes-spared fuck-capade! However these girls were so into each other with their lesbian sex love affair that I doubt they would have even noticed a cock jumping in to play captain-save-a-ho! All these beautiful bodies, tight asses, petite lickable tits and incredible smiles is going to make you cum watching them make love to each other. Man I love Asia!


This gallery is one provided by Pleasure Me Asia. A site for those who are tired of the same old boring Asian porn videos and 20 year old photographs. For those ready to take a wild walk on a path of Asian eroticism. Their members area boast a literal snot-load of videos of girls from far off Asian countries that love to suck, fuck and make their pussies cum like any other red blooded human but they are just so damn cute in their shy demeanor until their sexual inhibitions explode all over the screen in a fury or orgasms, cock sucking and deep pounding hardcore scenes.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 05:35

She’s old and she’s horny as fuck. Imagine repressing your female sexual urges for 20 years to be the trophy wife only to be left blind-sided by a cheating man who never really fucked her very well to begin with. Well this is the type of mid-life angst this woman uses behind her desire to have a cock beat that mature pussy up good! She gets it beaten up by cock and left with gooey tell-tale traces of an affair gone devilishly sticky in this scene. I hope you guys enjoy watching her Japanese Milf pussy getting filled with creampie goodies in the gallery below.

Horny Japanese milf gets filled with creampie.

Innocently enough she warms up tot eh camera posing like she was advertising herself on a dating site. With a little encouragement she was convinced to disrobe herself and get “comfortable” with her body. That’s the spark that set the sexual juices flowing! She played with her mature wet pussy for quite awhile before building up the courage to suck this man’s cock but once she got it in her mouth she knew it was the right thing to do and proceeded to get him hard, sloppy wet and ready to give this Japanese Milf a cum-filled creampie pussy!


Not only did she gets her mature pussy stuffed with lots of his cock but she also gave us great views of her soft mature body that are quite exciting! It seems no matter what age these Japanese sex sluts are, they always have a youthful look to their skin. This creampie Milf is definitely Japan Fun Page Approved!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 01:49