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Archive for December, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone :) I hope Santa was very good and brought you a Japanese honey to play with through the holidays :) This update reminds me of a dirty little trick I played on a lovely Japanese lady that I met while on vacation a few years ago. I loaded up on some contact info by chatting with Japanese girls online so I’d have some girls to party with once I landed. The one that stood out the most was one named was Makita Kawasaki. She has the most lovely face and beautiful soft busty tits. With a name like that I didn’t know whether to kick-start or charge her before using this one! Turns out it was only a screen name though thank god. She has a wicked sense of humor!

Anyways, long story short, I eventually ended up meeting her at a bar and after a few drinks she agreed to come back to my hotel to cuddle and watch a movie. I hate wearing condoms with a passion and when the motion of sex came into play she requested that I wear one. I never bothered buying any because most girls who really want me to wear one will have some with them. I told her I was snipped and couldn’t get her pregnant. With that she became completely enthralled in desire and after a really long make out session, lots of petting and enjoying her giggles it was time to take this a step further. I wanted this busty Japanese cutie’s nice rack hanging in my face as she rides my dick so badly that I just rolled her on top of me and kissed her until the tip of my cock was rubbing up and down her soaking wet pussy. She lifted herself upright, positioned herself in cowgirl position and allowed herself to be penetrated most of the way in.

It felt sooooo fucking goood! I could feel every little fold and pool of wetness as I swelled thicker and thicker inside her. With gentle gyrations she continued to keep me in about 3/4 of the way and with one medium thump at full depth, I lost my control as it shoved in so deep, as I throbbed and felt the silkiness of her warm moist pussy I lost my entire load in her right then! It oozed out her pussy and all over my balls and her pussy mound. From the view of her cute and busty Japanese tits hanging in a mere 12 inches form my face, it was no wonder I just kept watching her face, caressing her tits and continued to pump until she realized what just happened!

Ooops. She could feel my cock pumping and flexing with each squirt in her still and the expression on her face turned to that which partly resembled disappointment, excitement and also an expression of enjoying the warmth pumping all over inside her Japanese pussy! One of the most embarrassing moments of my life but something that I will never forget since it felt so amazing. I never did hear from her again. She left quite quickly and unsure if she’s call me before I went home.

So anyways, this view is very close to what she looked like riding me. Even similar facial and tit features! As you are watching this video try putting yourself in my predicament and tell me, how long could you last from the initial moment of penetration? Also, put yourself in this guy’s visual view with her soft and cute Japanese busty goodies hanging so close to your face to do anything you want with as her super slippery new pussy slides all around the base of your shaft. Leave a comment and be hoenst. I’m very curious to see how many would end up in a similar embarrassing situation.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 01:43

Cute is cute no matter what race they are but there’s something truly special about a delicate Japanese girlfriend licking and sucking dick! Click the picture below to load a picture gallery with a very cute Japanese girl who’s posing and giving her boyfriend a nice little blowjob that was sure to satisfy! This girl is inspiring to be an actress someday and I can’t wait to see whats scandals develop from her pictures and videos that were uploaded to Bonk My Japanese. Unfortunately they don’t list her name but be sure that if there is any scandal from her blowjob pics and video should she get famous some day, I will post all the info here!

Delicate looking Japanee girlfriend's blowjob pictures of her lick and suck

Cute isn’t she? I love the way she licked his dick so gently with a nice view of her thin hips in panties in the background. Whata view! She also has an amazing pair of small Japanese tits that beg to be fondled and flicked. I really wish I could get the video here to share with you but it’s available inside Bonk My Japanese. Check the site out. It’s chick full of adventurous Japanese girlfriends that love to suck, fuck and show off for their boyfriends! Some are willingly uploading the private stash themselves while mostly it’s the boyfriends wanting to share their prized “fuck” off to the world! Cheers to all those lucky guys!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 02:14

It’s not even the fact that she’s outside getting fucked that’s arousing. Neither is the fact that her hairy pussy lends an amazing view of fuzz and lips peering out as they stretch to handle his thick cock. It’s actually how her big beautiful chubby Japanese boobs jiggle with each thrust! I’d have my hands all over those puppies and make damn sure to do everything I could to LOVE them! In this video scene with chubby Chichihime you will see her engaging in some cosplay sex that drives her partner crazy. Actually, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a fuck about the costume and is just in it for the tits! I wouldn’t blame him one bit!

Things really heat up when she climbs on top with her chubby Japanese boobs bouncing on his chest and in his face as her tight Japanese pussy hole pounded long and hard from under her with her thick Asian ass cheeks spread wide for a glorious view! This is what I love so much about AVidolZ. They feature some of the sexiest and most natural Japanese girl around. None of these American looking Asian chicks who wouldn’t know anything about their descent let alone what to wear to be authentic. Pride and quality Japanese women go a long way in this business! Take it from an expert in porn. I have been in this business since 2002 and all the girls that I have featured on this blog are all part of my own personal collection of favorite girls and sites. A unbelievably dense credit card porn bill goes to show I know what’s good!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 02:31

It’s been a long time since she has had any cock so it’s no wonder this Japanese Milf was craving so bad for it! Once she was ready to perform on camera for Maiko Milfs, she got quite excited when the stud took out his hard dick for her. She smiled, knew it was going to be a pleasing experience and got right into it. After a very sensual, exploratory and intimate masturbation as she stripped down with help from her new lover, she started to suck his cock gently, deeply and with so much appreciation for him giving her what she has been craving for so long! I loved watching her get fucked good by him too! What a view of her hairy Japanese pussy riding u and down, grinding left to right and gyrating from front to back on him. HmmMmmm! Definitely worth watching this video guys!

Maiko MILFS is chock loaded with the hottest Japanese MILFs in High Definition 1080p Format – Stream or Download! Available on your *pod phones, droid devices, laptops, desktops and even any web appliance that supports video streaming! The video quality is astounding and really made my screen jump to life. On the first day of my membership I had managed to fire off a good 5-6 wads before I had to give my balls a rest! haha The video is addictive because it’s top notch quality and has the nicest REAL Japanese Milfs. These beauties never age, know what they like and will do almost anything!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 02:54

Yuki was a very bashful Japanese woman that dabbled in AV porn, was fresh out of college, starting at her new job and was eager to impress. She had a very good feeling that she knew how to get to the top but was shy to make any moves. Once she got hooked up with JavHQ and a camera crew, she knew it was time to let the cat out of the bag and tell him how much she wanted to please his cock! She sucked her bosses dick with such tender loving care! She stroked, fondled and wrapped her soft lips around his shaft until it was soaked with her mouth juices and perfect for some gentle fucks using only her mouth! This may be the first time with her boss for Yuki Asaka but I’m quite positive that it won’t be her last with such amazing blowjob skills like this!

This video sample comes from JavHQ. it’s a site that’s heavily loaded with lots of Japanese teen cumwhores, Japanese college girls and many quality AV stars that love to get nude, explore shocking fetishes and sucking cock like a vacuum cleaner. They also get fucked in full-length high quality hardcore videos that will have you right in there with the action!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 03:27

Not only does today’s Japanese teen teases and fucks herself but she also gives an amazing erotic blowjob to her man in the bathtub, goes back to bed and masturbates her hairy Japanese teen pussy some more then meets her man back in the bathroom to get fucked as she bends her petite teen body over and gets fucked from behind. It’s such a delicious video that I knew I just had to share it with you! There’s enough material here to blow a load over but the original full length video is so much longer with way more views, closeups and heart pounding hardcore action to enjoy!

Like many sites that Jreg and I feature here on Japan Fun pages, this one features very high quality video. What sets it apart from the rest is the astounding video resolution and erotic details made visible by using the industry’s best video equipment, the hottest teasing Japanese Teens straight out of Japan and the recruiting department’s uber talent scouting capabilities. What this means to you is there are 100’s of intimate Japanese fuck videos in jaw dropping 1080p resolution that will have your cock dripping with desire to consume as much of the video as possible in one sitting!

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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 03:59

I really love this video from All Japanese Pass. Watch the hilariously hardcore and messy ending! Haruka Aoi is an amazing Japanese babe that loves being pounded hard by two cocks at the same time. She strips down to her sexy little bra and panties. Her tits just beg to come unleashed and for a very good reason! By the time she is giving two cocks a blowjob she has her big Japanese tits fully nude, nipples erect and everything pointing straight out proud and ready for pleasure! She is amazing at giving blowjobs and these two men love it so much they don’t mind one bit that they are crossing drumsticks!

Once the fucking starts Haruka is screaming mad with pleasure, having her puffy big Japanese tits squeezed and her hairy wet pussy pounded so hard it hurts as much as it feels good! She enjoyed a massive creampie that her violently orgasmic hairy pussy spit right out onto the bed like a western movie saloon scene where the hero spits in a pontoon! That’s how intense her orgasm was! Kind of like built in birth-control! haha!

As mentioned earlier, this is a video that was provided to us by All Japanese Pass Members Area where with a password you get access to over 2600 hardcore Japanese videos, over 5500 photo galleries and even watch and stream 2400 DVD titles! Definitely the best bang for the buck with loads of Japanese fucking to keep you very well entertained into the year 2025 by the time you start looking for the newer updates lol Check this out: Only $29.95 /Month or $1.00 for 3 days access!

OVER 2600 VIDS, 5500 PIC SETS & 2400 DVDS

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 November 2011 04:23

I am on a creampie kick lately ever since I signed up with Maiko Creampies. I love the feeling of my own cum spitting inside of hot Japanese pussy but also how erotic it is to feel these tender Japanese teens having an orgasm right as soon as they feel me inseminating their lovely fertile holes! I always tell them I was snipped so I don’t have to wear a condom and luckily no strange texts or emails from any of them yet! You have no idea how good it feels to creampie in these hairy hardly used pussies! It’s pure heaven! There definitely is something different about Japanese pussy but I just can’t explain why they feel so much better to nut inside of. Anyways, check out this hot video and tell me, would you just keep your dick buried inside until your hard-on wore off just to feel both of your aftershock flexes of pleasure or pull out and watch it seep down?

She has really nice flabby tits too! Let me explain. She’s not the skinniest of tender Japanese teens but she’s not fat either. it seems all the extra padding just went to her hips and tits. She has small tits but they filled out nicely and I just love how they jiggle when fucked hard! Seeing those little playful chesticles would make me fill her creampie hole just as quick I’m sure!

Great News: With you own Maiko Creampie password you also have access to thousands of other Japanese sex scenes from their entire network, all in High Definition 1080p Resolution! These creampies are so clear you may actually gag with some of the sticky creampie closeups! It’s sticky, messy and totally going to fulfill your Japanese cum-filled pussy desires!

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