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Archive for the ‘Anal play’ Category

Sometimes, we just love to explore Japanese pussy in the most extreme of ways… by inserting every damn object we can find into it! Think about it, if you woke up and had a pussy for a day, you’d shove every-damn-thing around the house in there to see if it would fit, so why not try it with a bunch of toys in front of a camera for you guys! (Note: It’s not me in the picture. I did not wake up with one this morning. If I did, I’d be too busy doing insertions!)

The gallery just illustrates my point of how fun it is to keep inserting objects into Japanese pussy, especially when it’s as wet as hers!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 01:39
Violently Dildo Fucking Japanese Babe with Toys and Massager

There’s something quite exciting how some of these girls at Tokyo Bang literally get the most violent orgasms of their lives and enjoy every second of it, even if it’s the forced variety like we have here today. Watch her get violently dildo fucked in her Japanese pussy with many toys, vibrators, massagers, etc. She just starts to cum and they lay it right on her! Every over-stimulated sensation they can inflict ton her is done to her until she burst out into crying and screaming orgasms that sound like they hurt more then feel good! Don’t let that fool you though, she enjoys every ounce of it being done to her hairy pussy and lovely little body!

Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:16
Japanese Ass Crack getting Licked

Wow, this girl has a very nice firm pair of big and real Japanese tits to start things off with! It’s no wonder this businessman got so horny for her. With anything though, what you think is the part you would spend the most time enjoying and licking isn’t always the part you actually do. Chicks have a habit of having their best assets tucked away where they aren’t so obvious to us men. Once he got to her ass in the exploitative fondling phase, he quickly realized how much more fulfilling her Japanese ass crack was! he licked her to sheer orgasm and even though his dick never got wet in the process, it was just as satisfying for him too!

It’s like a train-wreck that you can’t stop watching:
Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:08

I admit, I never noticed this AnalNippon before. Jreg has made a nice screenshot of it for the links to the left-hand side of this site and I noticed it a few moments ago. After checking it out I am very pleased with what I see! There’s just something so raw and sexy about the cutest of Japanese asses spread wide open, exposing their dripping wet pussies and just mercilessly fucking them straight up the ass until they cum! So today’s update is an anal special with Yuka Matsushita getting spread wide open and toyed in her butt hole!

Legs spread wide with anal toy in asshole

I must have an obsession with Japanese Milfs lately because seeing Yuka Matsushita getting spread & toyed with a dildo got me quite excited! Most of the videos inside AnalNippon are hardcore anal penetration ones with actual cock involved but this is a great little war-up video for our special anal post today :)

The scene actually starts off with this guy rubbing her crotch fiercely and getting overly excited playing with her flexible, eager and perfect body. For some reason the videos are listed backwards in the gallery page I linked to above here. So start from the bottom, up. She gets extremely wet, excited and ready to explore pleasures with her asshole. She set herself up in a very kinky position that gives great views to her legs spread open wide and that fantastic pussy straight up in the air. You’ll love that beefy set of pussy lips on her shaved pussy when spread and toyed as well.


It gets really exciting though when he probes her and stuffs that asshole with a dildo. The pleasure waves focused right inside her anal cavity make her pussy muscles clench, pucker and gape with each wave of pre-orgasm waves shuffling through her pelvis. MM. What a view! Do yourself a favor: Download this full movie to see the orgasmic outburst she has!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 01:31

Some men of business stature have higher demands and the ability to obtain what they desire. What went through this man’s mind to make him want a rack containing only 10 bare asses to unleash his freaky Japanese dildo exploitations upon is beyond me but the man is a total fucking genius!! Some like to partake in glory-hole style encounters but this takes it all to a new level, how about glory rack of thundering orgasm? No.. it doesn’t have the right sounding to it but still seems like a perfect idea!

Freaky Japanese video of babes having a dildo exploitation sitting on a rackClick for the Freaky Japanese Dildo Exploitation Videos

In this video there will be totally beautiful asses having anal play done on them with dildos as well as their wet pussy holes being banged hard with toys that will make them scream and cum for his own excitement! Anal penetration with fingers and toys get these anonymous sluts very excited but not quite as excited as when his ass fetish takes the best of him and he totally exploits them with multiple insertions in even a tight asshole that can hardly handle the size of these objects being inserted during the freaky Japanese dildo exploitation! This is very hot to watch and you’ll wish you had a rack like this in your own bedroom!

From their asshole penetrations to their intense orgasms from pussy stimulation it’s no wonder they enjoy this kind of abuse. To please this man is their mission and they get the ultimate pleasures from it too. Win-win situation for all involved!¬† There are many types of strange and weird Japanese videos at Weird Japan ranging from ass racks to very sexually charged game show sets that will keep you gaping in wonder and excitement. To watch this whole freaky Japanese dildo exploitation excursion just follow the link under here. Happy trails my friends :)

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 02:44

Here’s another raunchy and freaky sex scene that this time features a stunning Japanese Schoolgirl having her holes reamed and stretched by dildos. See her asshole and wet pussy fucked in some very intense anal penetration and watch as she cums hard in front of the camera before taking her helper’s cock in hand and mouth to please him back. She also stuffs it in her now extremely moist and sore pussy to be pleased even further.

tight pussy japanese schoolgirl has wet holes dildo fuckedCheck out this dildo fucked Japanese Schoolgirl gallery

Watching this one reminds me of the the first time I got to do whatever I wanted to a girl’s pussy. These guys took full advantage and made her pussy and tight asshole feel every bit of pleasure and pain! She was horny and spreading her legs from the start. You could see her juices dripping already¬† before she even spread them and allowed her tight Japanese schoolgirl pussy to get fucked with 3 dildos! Her fiends then used all three dildos to take care of her begging asshole, warm pussy and even her clit. She wanted more! It was pleasure and pain but one thing’s for sure, she loved every moment of it! One of the best dildo fucking girls I have ever seen on the internet.

As her outfit came off and she finally removed all of what’s left to her Japanese Schoolgirl uniform her true beauty shined through with an amazing soft bush, beautiful tiny tits and a tight yet smooth curvy body to do whatever they wanted with to her! She was so horny and cuming so hard that she started sucking cock and wanting one to be stuffed into her moist hairy pussy too. There’s not much else I can say to describe this scene aside from the word ‘Fantastic’

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Last Updated on Sunday, 24 July 2011 10:58

Now for some freakier Japanese porn that really gets us all fired up. Yuki Aida has a beautiful ass exploration performed on her and I couldn’t wait to see it explored deeper and watch her enjoy this intense anal penetration. AviDolz has an amazing video scene from her time with them that shows her stripping out of her bikini exposing her lush Japanese big tits then bends over to let the guy open and explore her awaiting butt. Here are some pictures from the scene. Click the image below to view the gallery.

AviDolz Yuki Aida has ass and pussy explored deeplyWatch her Sexy Japanese Ass hole Explored and penetrated

You can see how her brown japanese wet pussy and ass just begs for attention and it will get some as her tight asshole is explored, penetrated and driven to an ultimate screaming orgasm on film for you to enjoy! As pussy juices drip onto her tasty Japanese asshole a very intense vibrating wand probes her and enters as deep as she can handle it. While rubbing her pussy lips her erogenous zones are stimulated to the max from the backside and she burst into explosive screaming orgasms that will drive you wild when you watch the video inside AviDolz! I busted off a nut to her just before making this post. What a beauty! She sincerely loves having her holes explored and penetrated! Makes her very happy :)

For those of you with as ass fetish of the Japanese variety and even for those of you who adore all aspects equally, AviDolz will keep you busy for a very long time watching the nastiest of things these av stars do in front of the camera including more Japanese ass explorations! Nothing is too far for them. If it makes them cum and quenches their thirst for freaky and wild sex they will also quench your desires for everything!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 24 July 2011 10:59