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Archive for the ‘Nude Japanese’ Category

Now there’s a sight to behold! A bunch of spread twats front, center and right in your face! These men lvoe to show off their fucks and it’s apparent the girls don;t mind helping out one bit either! Japanese AV model pussy like this spread for a crowd can sure raise the room temperature a few degrees. Once the camera gets nice up close views of these juicy holes, then you can bet every man’s heart is pounding away in anticipation of what could come next!

Japanese AV models pussies spread

Fingers are getting sticky here, as these sexy Japanese babes are having their pussies spread open and fingered towards the camera. They were getting wet to begin with when these guys were massaging their tits and hairy pussies, and then sat them down on the floor and opened them up so we could see just how soaked their tight snatches were.
Fingers keep getting stickier and these Japanese babes even begin to massage their tits while they finger bang themselves. You can really see how soaked these tight snatches are! Weird Japan is chock full of goodies just like this. From erotic game shows to deep down delicious AV model pussies spread for a crowd to enjoy!

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 06:23

In such a bustling part of the world as Tokyo may be, it’s serene to learn that one could still find a moment of serenity and peace within the concrete jungle. It’s with a beautiful perky tit Japanese babe like this one here today. But what brings peace must also bring chaos. In this case, it’s watching this perky tit Japanese go from beautiful to raunchy full-on spread wide with her hairy Japanese pussy beaming out in plain sight of anyone who dares ‘disturb’ her to pieces :)

Last Updated on Friday, 9 November 2012 07:50

Many of you may know by now that I am somewhat also obsessed with outdoor naked girls. Especially cute Japanese teens like this one baring it all. I have to say, it’s enough to get me popping a boney any time I am out walking about in the small town that I’m from. If her beautiful and cute Japanese teen tits don;t get you excited, the view of her beautiful likable ass and warm-appearing hairy Japanese pussy surely will! This girl is all about fun in the outdoors! It’s like her inner immaturity comes out the moment her pussy hair feels the cool breeze of nature’s caress. Ah.. I could go on and on about this one but check check out the gallery above… Cheers!

Last Updated on Thursday, 1 November 2012 07:50

Sometimes, we just love to explore Japanese pussy in the most extreme of ways… by inserting every damn object we can find into it! Think about it, if you woke up and had a pussy for a day, you’d shove every-damn-thing around the house in there to see if it would fit, so why not try it with a bunch of toys in front of a camera for you guys! (Note: It’s not me in the picture. I did not wake up with one this morning. If I did, I’d be too busy doing insertions!)

The gallery just illustrates my point of how fun it is to keep inserting objects into Japanese pussy, especially when it’s as wet as hers!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 01:39
Violently Dildo Fucking Japanese Babe with Toys and Massager

There’s something quite exciting how some of these girls at Tokyo Bang literally get the most violent orgasms of their lives and enjoy every second of it, even if it’s the forced variety like we have here today. Watch her get violently dildo fucked in her Japanese pussy with many toys, vibrators, massagers, etc. She just starts to cum and they lay it right on her! Every over-stimulated sensation they can inflict ton her is done to her until she burst out into crying and screaming orgasms that sound like they hurt more then feel good! Don’t let that fool you though, she enjoys every ounce of it being done to her hairy pussy and lovely little body!

Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:16

Attention: If you are all for women’s lib, then you really should fuck off somewhere else for this update and come back on Thursday because it’s about to get vile here!

Sometimes a bitch just needs to be put in her place and shown what she’s there for. This Japanese slut wouldn’t shut up and ended up getting ball gagged, tied up and fucked with a magic massaging wand that drove her to uncontrollable screaming orgasms. Only then was her thirst for gab silenced for her man’s own peace and quiet. I’m pretty sure he’ll still be getting his own damn sammich though after this because her hairy Japanese pussy will be way too sore to walk let alone serve her man!

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:21

Happy birthday America!!! While I am personally not from the good ol U S of A, I have to give my props for all the accomplishments as a nation that have been done over the many years since becoming independant. The world would not be the same without American engineering, advances in social culture and media. That being said, I do also realize that there was once a very troubling war between the US and Japan so it’s kind of odd, or to some, in bad taste on my part to feature a busty Japanese nude gallery at a time of Independence Day celebrations. I think it’s totally appropriate! It goes to show that no matter what either of our countries have endure in the past, we should ALL be proud of where we come from, accept tolerance of other nations and that we ALL want the same things, like TITS!!!!!!! And does she ever have a nice set of them, doesn’t she? Enjoy these Japanese nudes, my friends :)

Remember folks, don’t drink and drive, party responsibly and please, contrary to popular belief, fireworks do not belong in your neighbor’s cat’s ass haha

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:10

Very pretty photo of a sexy Japanese girl

I’m on a roll with the cute ones this month aren’t I? haha. Here’s another gem from unseen Japan to give all you guys a wettie. The weather has been warming up nicely and I can’t help but keep fantasizing about many sexy Japanese girl like this the one featured today. So pretty, petite, slender and has an amazingly soft looking hairy pussy!

Sexy Japanese girl poses in petite bikini

This is what I love about all the quality pictures and videos inside the members area of Unseen Japan, it’s chock full of every sexy Japanese girl type you can think of! You’ve never seen girls from Japan like this before. none of that extreme stuff, this is about beauty, quality and bringing you fresh faces sexy Japanese girl updates as often as possible! Can you handle 800GB of Japanese porn? ..

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 01:13