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Archive for the ‘Outdoors’ Category

Many of you may know by now that I am somewhat also obsessed with outdoor naked girls. Especially cute Japanese teens like this one baring it all. I have to say, it’s enough to get me popping a boney any time I am out walking about in the small town that I’m from. If her beautiful and cute Japanese teen tits don;t get you excited, the view of her beautiful likable ass and warm-appearing hairy Japanese pussy surely will! This girl is all about fun in the outdoors! It’s like her inner immaturity comes out the moment her pussy hair feels the cool breeze of nature’s caress. Ah.. I could go on and on about this one but check check out the gallery above… Cheers!

Last Updated on Thursday, 1 November 2012 07:50

Sometimes, we just love to explore Japanese pussy in the most extreme of ways… by inserting every damn object we can find into it! Think about it, if you woke up and had a pussy for a day, you’d shove every-damn-thing around the house in there to see if it would fit, so why not try it with a bunch of toys in front of a camera for you guys! (Note: It’s not me in the picture. I did not wake up with one this morning. If I did, I’d be too busy doing insertions!)

The gallery just illustrates my point of how fun it is to keep inserting objects into Japanese pussy, especially when it’s as wet as hers!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 01:39
Bathing suit girls having outdoor Japanese orgy

Just because these girls are hornier than hell and can’t hold back any longer at the thought of sharing a hard dick outdoors on the water, doesn’t mean they have to display all their junk for the public to see. A bit of discretion is good to use when at a crowded area where they could eventually get spotted doing the nasty! These girls all takes turns riding him and getting fucked doggie in this interestingly erotic view of swimming culture in Japan. It turned into an all out outdoro Japanese orgy until every girl got to have a turn. I have to give the guys some props being able to hold back this long thinking of him cuming inside these girls and letting their bathing suits fill up with his jizz! I would have only lasted onto the second girl before I “popped” haha

Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:24

Miral Hirooka’s Juicy Outdoor Japanese Blowjob!

Click above for sample movie
Full video in members area is 23 minutes long!

Miral Hirooka’s one lovely little Japanese model who was posing outdoors for some sexy photographs but things got out-of-hand and into-mouth! She starts showing off her big Japanese tits in the park when suddenly she bends over for a shot and ends up getting fondled after teasing the photographer. She was clearly asking for it! She also had some sex toys around with her and was reaching for a vibrator to play with when she got accosted and had a cock shoved in her face on the spot!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 07:22

With summertime gearing up in my part of the world now, I can’t help but dream of being on a secluded Japanese beach with a sexy Japanese babe like this one as she plays, poses and offers herself to me in and out of the water. She has such an amazing beautiful body that my mind keeps racing. I could easily set up my office right at that water’s edge with a girl like her waltzing around and attempting to seduce me from sun up to sun down!

If you’re just plain tired of dealing with all the low quality Japanese babe content that’s spread over the net 100 times over daily then you have to check out the High Quality sexy Japanese pic sets available to download inside UnseenJapan! Members gets access to literally over 800GB of the highest possible quality Japanese babe content ever seen!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 07:45

Nothing says “I lust you” like getting a wicked Japanese blowjob while outdoors and just trying to do your job. On this particularly warm day, Noa had hired some help for the yard but couldn’t ‘help’ herself from stuffing his penis in her mouth. So right there, outside for all of nature to endure, she pulled out his cock and began doing what every handyman wishes would happen to him. The cute look on her face is priceless as well. Imagine getting a Japanese blowjob in this guy’s position and having to endure such a pretty sight. Guaranteed to erupt pecker juice in mere minutes!

A very cute Japanese sucking cock while outdoors in her back yard

Let’s learn a little more about OutdoorJP: What’s better than a beautiful Japanese girl that poses outdoors under the sun with wind touching her soft supple curves? These dolls are scorching hot but when they get nude they will take your breath away! When you see a Japanese goddess’ like these you’ll stop in your tracks, admire intensely and watch as they takes rock hard men and fuck them mercilessly until they’re both thoroughly exhausted!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 02:41

Very pretty photo of a sexy Japanese girl

I’m on a roll with the cute ones this month aren’t I? haha. Here’s another gem from unseen Japan to give all you guys a wettie. The weather has been warming up nicely and I can’t help but keep fantasizing about many sexy Japanese girl like this the one featured today. So pretty, petite, slender and has an amazingly soft looking hairy pussy!

Sexy Japanese girl poses in petite bikini

This is what I love about all the quality pictures and videos inside the members area of Unseen Japan, it’s chock full of every sexy Japanese girl type you can think of! You’ve never seen girls from Japan like this before. none of that extreme stuff, this is about beauty, quality and bringing you fresh faces sexy Japanese girl updates as often as possible! Can you handle 800GB of Japanese porn? ..

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 01:13

Skinny Japanese teen in bikini

If you love them cute and petite then you will surely fall head over steel toe boots in love with this visually stunning skinny Japanese teen showing off her soft muff in the great outdoors at the beach! The gallery creator claims she has big boobs but the truth is, for where these skinny Japanese teens come into conversation, most would agree that her firm pair of titties are surely above average for an Asian chick of any nationality. Take a look at the gallery by clicking the pictures below and fall in love just like I did with her cute little body, beautiful tits and of course lets not forget her delicious soft hairy pussy and even a treat for ass fetish lovers who adore the cutest little butts!!

Skinny Japanese teen poses nude on beach

For those are are sick and fed up of low quality Asian pics then you should definitely enjoy the high quality Japanese content that Unseen Japan has to offer you. The members area is brimming with over 800 gigabytes of porn! Take a look for yourself:

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 12:59