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Archive for the ‘Posing Japanese’ Category

With summertime gearing up in my part of the world now, I can’t help but dream of being on a secluded Japanese beach with a sexy Japanese babe like this one as she plays, poses and offers herself to me in and out of the water. She has such an amazing beautiful body that my mind keeps racing. I could easily set up my office right at that water’s edge with a girl like her waltzing around and attempting to seduce me from sun up to sun down!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 07:45

Very pretty photo of a sexy Japanese girl

I’m on a roll with the cute ones this month aren’t I? haha. Here’s another gem from unseen Japan to give all you guys a wettie. The weather has been warming up nicely and I can’t help but keep fantasizing about many sexy Japanese girl like this the one featured today. So pretty, petite, slender and has an amazingly soft looking hairy pussy!

Sexy Japanese girl poses in petite bikini

This is what I love about all the quality pictures and videos inside the members area of Unseen Japan, it’s chock full of every sexy Japanese girl type you can think of! You’ve never seen girls from Japan like this before. none of that extreme stuff, this is about beauty, quality and bringing you fresh faces sexy Japanese girl updates as often as possible! Can you handle 800GB of Japanese porn? ..

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 01:13

Holy fucking crap! Now there’s a pair of tatas for ya! This chubby Japanese girl sure has big boobs! I love them in every position. On her back, standing up with the camera down by her hairy pussy looking upward and even with her on all 4’s letting her heavy hangers dangle with glee! I get butterflies in my stomach looking at her pictures. The nasty, dirty and sweet things I would do to her body would make a dime-bag hooker blush! I could batter-coat this girl until the cows come home and there would still be more liquid batter left over for a few more rounds of pleasure!

Really big japanese boobies on chubby slut

I just can’t help but keep wondering something though: Would this girl be able to squeeze my dick with her big Japanese boobs like this? If so, I would totally hunt her down, marry her, take her home and keep her tied to the bed. Geez. What a doll. I hardly even care about the rest of her body. She could have no ass, a bear trap for a pussy and still make me rock hard at first sight!

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Last Updated on Friday, 30 December 2011 01:43

Maya Tsubaki may be featured on Forbidden Tokyo but I can guarantee you there is nothing forbidden about this girl. If it wasn’t allowed to be this hot and available she wouldn’t have such a tight Japanese ass exposed like this for us! Seriously, I love every crinkle, fold and curve on that fantastic ass from the back of her knees all the way to the small of her back. It’s 100% boner inducing and you’re most likely going to cum before you even get a chance to look at every picture in the gallery below:

Maya Tsubaki's Tight Japanese Ass
In the gallery above you’ll see how she poses in many very different position to lend great views of her totally fuckable tight Japanese ass and even get to see some very nice shots of her perfectly round perky and small tits. The outfit is sexy as hell, he face pretty as they get and the body.. wow. Anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s update :) There’s more of her available inside Forbidden Tokyo and you’ll also get to meet many other new tight Japanese girls in the free tour as well. So take care friends and see you next time! Don’t forget to bookmark this page in the meantime!


Last Updated on Saturday, 31 December 2011 07:07

I swear that porn is going to KILL my sorry ass with a heart attack some day! I mean look at this thing! Eegaddd! Man, that’s one fantastic fucking Japanese ass right there! I was quite bored cranking Edguy’s “Wake Up The King” off the Theater Of Salvation Ep through my headphones looking over the thumbnails at my new Japan8Teen thumbnail gallery post when I saw her ass. Holy fuck I put my cigarette out, put the gallery up in full screen on the flat panel and literally explored every inch and crevice on this following photo:

The best Japanese ass ever invented. Our creator sure does great work!
Click this gallery, seriously.

Her name is Youzc but I really don’t care at this point. I still cannot get over her Japanese ass and at how damn fine it is! I’d lose my dick in there in a heartbeat. If this was the one piece of ass I could die happy fucking I would definitely call my bucket list fulfilled because any other life long goal could not compare to this one. Mark my words, if I ever see this chick anywhere I am absolutely bringing it home immediately. Period.. That’s it, It’s only $1 so I’m signing up to go check out all these hot Japanese ass babes and I hope you come long for the ride too.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 09:39

The only thing that could make this chick any cuter is if she was a metal head |m| but with a cute smile and amazing body like her’s I’m sure she has no time for music with all the guys trying to get up in her grill any chance they can haha. She truly is one of the cutest Japanese teen beauties in the world. However I’m not so sure she is THE cutest. I met a chick just like her (but cuter) in my 100% white-folk redneck-infested backwoods Canadian back mountains lake where tourists all go to build million dollar cottages. We all party there all day and night with bonfires, cute women and lots of booze. There’s people from all over the world there who own most of the cottages but we all party and get along. It’s great!

Anyways.. there was this Japanese chick there in a very revealing and tiny bikini that drove me nuts all fucking day. Freshly 18 early in the summer, daddy drunk and passed out at home. The sun finally set with this girl hanging on my arm and half-corked. Actually, we all were. I was so happy the sun went down actually. That meant she would have to wear a towel to keep warm, or better yet, me! hehe I got tons of views of crotch all day and I could hardly contain my glee. It was rather embarrassing because my wife totally clued in to my fascination with her, the reactions and enticement the chick was bringing on herself and how easy it was for my wife to set me up into situations where she knew I was inches away from aggravated flyby ejaculations if the girl bent over just one more time! One thing’s for certain though, I am one lucky fucking prick to get away with the shit I do and not get into any serious troubles for it :)

So this is where the juicy parts come. The pics. Well. I don’t have any pics of the girl. That’s why this post is about an UnseenJapan gallery with what may even be the cutest Japanese teen beauty in the world stripping at the beach. Otherwise if I did have pics of her stripping at the beach I would definitely share them!

Gorgeous Japanese Teen in petite bikini on the beach
Click for the gallery

Well lets get on to the cutie at heart. I still think the one I partied with this past summer was cuter but I don’t have proof so tell me, is this gallery from UnseenJapan sporting the cutest Japanese teen beauty you have ever seen? Comments are open. Post a reply :)

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Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 09:39

Oh man do I ever. I know most of you do too because I see the traffic statistics and you, my dirty friends, seem to love it! haha Anyways.. I always did like them. It used to piss me off that almost every gf I had from 18 to 30 had just a slit. No meat at all. Then I got to play with a Puorto Rican woman that I met on POF. Dayum! I was happy and ever since then I always did my best to spot the ones with tight bottoms on to see if there’s any girth to that pussy. I love lips what can I say. I especially love the Japanese meaty pussy lips variety! Thus why this post is dedicated to it!

I was in Tokyo a couple years ago on business and I had to try to do three very important things before going wheels up.

  1. Fuck a petite Japanese teen babe with huge soft tits and a tight body
  2. Throat-fuck a 40ish Japanese maid who’s hanging laundry. (Don’t ask)
  3. Wrap my cock in hick toned ass with lots of meaty Japanese pussy lips

So I did. #1 was as easy as $50. #2 was quite difficult and resulted in many embarrassing predicaments, altercations and a few band-aids. #3 happened by luck! Right place at the right time witnessing a breakup and playing a game of Captain Save-A-Ho. The girl I got to play with that had the glorious meaty Japanese pussy lips looked very similar to this. Bigger tits and a bit uglier but quite close! Man I’m shocked I don’t have Aids with all the pussy I’ve encountered and make a living from! Here’s her gallery. Just click the image to load the page with more pictures.

think and meaty japanese pussy shown when bent over diggiestyle

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Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 09:39

No, we are not talking double D’s. I live up in Canada and we have a national chain of coffee shops named Tim Horton’s. The most popular drink is a medium with 2 cream and two sugar. It’s liquid crack, the best there is and I will fucking kill you if I don’t have one by 9 am sharp! Where am I going with this? Well…

Busty Japanese Midori West Serves Coffee Topless

A buddy of mine keeps telling me this story about how he once told his ex girlfriend that he wants a coffee first thing in the morning when he wakes up at her place and a blowjob to go with it. These were not requests, these were demands! I admit, it is a great idea but once I seen this hot Japanese beauty holding a coffee cup I immediately though of his request and realized he was onto something special. Picture it, you wake up, sit down at the nook and this busty Japanese beauty comes up to up to you topless, all cheery, with a hot cup of coffee and ready to suck your dick until the cup (and your nutsack) is dry!

Enter for more of Midori West’s hot pics & videos too!

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 09:40