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Happy birthday America!!! While I am personally not from the good ol U S of A, I have to give my props for all the accomplishments as a nation that have been done over the many years since becoming independant. The world would not be the same without American engineering, advances in social culture and media. That being said, I do also realize that there was once a very troubling war between the US and Japan so it’s kind of odd, or to some, in bad taste on my part to feature a busty Japanese nude gallery at a time of Independence Day celebrations. I think it’s totally appropriate! It goes to show that no matter what either of our countries have endure in the past, we should ALL be proud of where we come from, accept tolerance of other nations and that we ALL want the same things, like TITS!!!!!!! And does she ever have a nice set of them, doesn’t she? Enjoy these Japanese nudes, my friends :)

Remember folks, don’t drink and drive, party responsibly and please, contrary to popular belief, fireworks do not belong in your neighbor’s cat’s ass haha

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:10

Watch as this Big Tits babe Mako Kamizaki gets her shaved Japanese Pussy fingered and fucked!

I am quite sure that you all know who this big tits Mako Kamizaki babe is. She’s one of the most popular Japanese starlets around today and in the video gallery above you’ll get to watch this really fine piece of shaved Japanese pussy getting into some very wild fucking action in her sexy dress, white stockings and hormones that drive her to many orgasmic experiences! Watch her suck cock like tomorrow never comes! You’ll also love the view of her shaved pussy riding his cock up and down then getting fucked from behind in doggy style only to end up with cum all over her glorious tits!

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Skinny Japanese teen in bikini

If you love them cute and petite then you will surely fall head over steel toe boots in love with this visually stunning skinny Japanese teen showing off her soft muff in the great outdoors at the beach! The gallery creator claims she has big boobs but the truth is, for where these skinny Japanese teens come into conversation, most would agree that her firm pair of titties are surely above average for an Asian chick of any nationality. Take a look at the gallery by clicking the pictures below and fall in love just like I did with her cute little body, beautiful tits and of course lets not forget her delicious soft hairy pussy and even a treat for ass fetish lovers who adore the cutest little butts!!

Skinny Japanese teen poses nude on beach

For those are are sick and fed up of low quality Asian pics then you should definitely enjoy the high quality Japanese content that Unseen Japan has to offer you. The members area is brimming with over 800 gigabytes of porn! Take a look for yourself:

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Nothing says a good time like a Japanese babe like Fugetsu Kacho getting fucked in a sexy close up video like this. This lovely Japanese Babe has a tight asshole that is so well shaven and very clean. You could literally eat off it and not worry about fur in your burger! She loves the way her partner’s cock feels deep inside that pussy of hers and the moans tell it like it is. Those who have a Japanese ass fetish will surely appreciate the doggiestyle views as well!

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Maya Tsubaki may be featured on Forbidden Tokyo but I can guarantee you there is nothing forbidden about this girl. If it wasn’t allowed to be this hot and available she wouldn’t have such a tight Japanese ass exposed like this for us! Seriously, I love every crinkle, fold and curve on that fantastic ass from the back of her knees all the way to the small of her back. It’s 100% boner inducing and you’re most likely going to cum before you even get a chance to look at every picture in the gallery below:

Maya Tsubaki's Tight Japanese Ass
In the gallery above you’ll see how she poses in many very different position to lend great views of her totally fuckable tight Japanese ass and even get to see some very nice shots of her perfectly round perky and small tits. The outfit is sexy as hell, he face pretty as they get and the body.. wow. Anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s update :) There’s more of her available inside Forbidden Tokyo and you’ll also get to meet many other new tight Japanese girls in the free tour as well. So take care friends and see you next time! Don’t forget to bookmark this page in the meantime!


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I swear that porn is going to KILL my sorry ass with a heart attack some day! I mean look at this thing! Eegaddd! Man, that’s one fantastic fucking Japanese ass right there! I was quite bored cranking Edguy’s “Wake Up The King” off the Theater Of Salvation Ep through my headphones looking over the thumbnails at my new Japan8Teen thumbnail gallery post when I saw her ass. Holy fuck I put my cigarette out, put the gallery up in full screen on the flat panel and literally explored every inch and crevice on this following photo:

The best Japanese ass ever invented. Our creator sure does great work!
Click this gallery, seriously.

Her name is Youzc but I really don’t care at this point. I still cannot get over her Japanese ass and at how damn fine it is! I’d lose my dick in there in a heartbeat. If this was the one piece of ass I could die happy fucking I would definitely call my bucket list fulfilled because any other life long goal could not compare to this one. Mark my words, if I ever see this chick anywhere I am absolutely bringing it home immediately. Period.. That’s it, It’s only $1 so I’m signing up to go check out all these hot Japanese ass babes and I hope you come long for the ride too.

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It’s not even the fact that she’s outside getting fucked that’s arousing. Neither is the fact that her hairy pussy lends an amazing view of fuzz and lips peering out as they stretch to handle his thick cock. It’s actually how her big beautiful chubby Japanese boobs jiggle with each thrust! I’d have my hands all over those puppies and make damn sure to do everything I could to LOVE them! In this video scene with chubby Chichihime you will see her engaging in some cosplay sex that drives her partner crazy. Actually, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a fuck about the costume and is just in it for the tits! I wouldn’t blame him one bit!

Things really heat up when she climbs on top with her chubby Japanese boobs bouncing on his chest and in his face as her tight Japanese pussy hole pounded long and hard from under her with her thick Asian ass cheeks spread wide for a glorious view! This is what I love so much about AVidolZ. They feature some of the sexiest and most natural Japanese girl around. None of these American looking Asian chicks who wouldn’t know anything about their descent let alone what to wear to be authentic. Pride and quality Japanese women go a long way in this business! Take it from an expert in porn. I have been in this business since 2002 and all the girls that I have featured on this blog are all part of my own personal collection of favorite girls and sites. A unbelievably dense credit card porn bill goes to show I know what’s good!

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I admit, I never noticed this AnalNippon before. Jreg has made a nice screenshot of it for the links to the left-hand side of this site and I noticed it a few moments ago. After checking it out I am very pleased with what I see! There’s just something so raw and sexy about the cutest of Japanese asses spread wide open, exposing their dripping wet pussies and just mercilessly fucking them straight up the ass until they cum! So today’s update is an anal special with Yuka Matsushita getting spread wide open and toyed in her butt hole!

Legs spread wide with anal toy in asshole

I must have an obsession with Japanese Milfs lately because seeing Yuka Matsushita getting spread & toyed with a dildo got me quite excited! Most of the videos inside AnalNippon are hardcore anal penetration ones with actual cock involved but this is a great little war-up video for our special anal post today :)

The scene actually starts off with this guy rubbing her crotch fiercely and getting overly excited playing with her flexible, eager and perfect body. For some reason the videos are listed backwards in the gallery page I linked to above here. So start from the bottom, up. She gets extremely wet, excited and ready to explore pleasures with her asshole. She set herself up in a very kinky position that gives great views to her legs spread open wide and that fantastic pussy straight up in the air. You’ll love that beefy set of pussy lips on her shaved pussy when spread and toyed as well.


It gets really exciting though when he probes her and stuffs that asshole with a dildo. The pleasure waves focused right inside her anal cavity make her pussy muscles clench, pucker and gape with each wave of pre-orgasm waves shuffling through her pelvis. MM. What a view! Do yourself a favor: Download this full movie to see the orgasmic outburst she has!

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