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Tiny Tit Japanese Teen

Yay! the world didn’t end so lets revisit a past favorite of ours here from the Japanese Fun Pages!

Mimi from 18 Tokyo is an amazing tiny tit Japanese teen that enjoys drinking, partying and making out. She kisses her guy in this gallery and starts licking his cock until curiosity began to take over and stuffed it deeply down her throat. When done, he returns the favor and spends quality time between her spread legs to moisten up her hairy wet pussy even more for what comes next.

If you think this is hot then grab your schoolbooks,head back to school with these hot Japanese teens and prepare to be blown away. If you were expecting demure, sweet and polite little ladies, then turn around and find something else to do. These aren’t your typical cute and adorable girls. These Japanese teen honeys love to fuck and suck like the horny sluts that they are. Watch HQ videos of them taking on hard dicks and fucking them until they explode hot loads of cum.

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Last Updated on Friday, 21 December 2012 07:54

Busty Japanese Tit Fucking

Lets face it, there’s always a girl somewhere who can give a wicked blowjob, fuck like a rock star or blow us away with pure physical beauty but not many have the skills to give a good and proper tit fucking like this Busty Japanese does while giving blowjobs.

When not stuffing his thick cock between her busty Japanese tits, she’s working his dick with her mouth while letting her soft and nipple pointed tits caress his thighs and balls. It’s a feeling one could only describe if a girl with big enough tits has even gone down on you so I won’t waste anyone’s time trying to find an expression that is deserving of the feeling only a busty Japanese babe could give.

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Last Updated on Friday, 21 December 2012 07:51
Dude enjoys face-sitting with Japanese pussy wrapped around his tongue

While this guy gets up close and personal with Julia´s gorgeous body, we´ll get to do the same as the camera gets nice and close to her amazing rack and her gorgeous ass. She shows off her skills when she slobbers all over his dick, and then sits on his face and makes him eat her hairy…

Watch as this lucky man gets very up close and personal with Julia’s above average big tits and Japanese pussy while he eats her out during a face-sitting position that had his dick harder than a glass rod! She shows off her skills as she grinds, gyrates and fucks his tongue with exact precision. I’m betting his heart was beating 180bpm with her face-sitting his tongue with Japanese pussy, her big soft excited tits in his hands and working his woody thinking of entering her hole with her still on top and fondling those big perfect breasts in cowgirl position. I’m pretty sure you’ll all agree: She’s one hell of a girl!

Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:30
Japanese Ass Crack getting Licked

Wow, this girl has a very nice firm pair of big and real Japanese tits to start things off with! It’s no wonder this businessman got so horny for her. With anything though, what you think is the part you would spend the most time enjoying and licking isn’t always the part you actually do. Chicks have a habit of having their best assets tucked away where they aren’t so obvious to us men. Once he got to her ass in the exploitative fondling phase, he quickly realized how much more fulfilling her Japanese ass crack was! he licked her to sheer orgasm and even though his dick never got wet in the process, it was just as satisfying for him too!

It’s like a train-wreck that you can’t stop watching:
Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:08

Now here’s a man who knows how to dine on Japanese pussy! He spreads her legs wide and starts eating her out like she’s a hungry-man’s dinner after a long day of splitting logs in the woods! She loves the feeling of his tongue lavishly tongue-fucking her to heaven after getting a dildo rammed deep inside her with fingers reaching around caressing her magic orgasm spots. After so much of this she cannot take ti anymore and mounts his cock and continuously rides his cock until that special feeling oozes all through her throbbing sore pussy! She got relief, a sticky reminder of her time in front of the camera and of course, all of our undivided attention!

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:30

You know how there was always a girl in your class who could just burst into a sexually inappropriate rage at any moment, whether on the schoolyard of in class? Well, let me demonstrate just how this type of scenario could go down. Click the image below to launch a video gallery featuring this Japanese schoolgirl performance with Shou Nishino getting her pussy licked as she literally plops her bum right down on some unsuspecting lucky jerk’s face! I had a girl do this to me once. Unfortunately it was never quite as hot as this scene!

Energetic and horny Japanese schoolgirl squats on man's face and gets pussy licked

What did dude expect to happen though? After fingering her wet pussy like her did in the gallery it’s no wonder she jumped his jawbone! That’s what I love about the site. They have a multitude of hot Japanese schoolgirls that not only enjoy getting their pussies licked but go full bore for the camera and unleash their darkest sexual desires for your enjoyment!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 03:03

Akane Yazaki is such a nice and lovely Japanese teen. She always goes to class on time and even takes one xtra lessons to further her education. Her supervisor is always right there with her, for good reason. She’s adorable! He could not belp but get turned on by her schoolgirl uniform and he surprised himself when he started feeling her up and giving her some pussy stimulation before she eventually showed signs of enjoyment in the affair and ended up being tied and blindfolded for the rest of the action! Then it all starts with a lick of her pussy and the rest is history! Check out the video page by clicking her picture below.

Japanese teen has her ass licked and violated while she lays in panties

Grab some schoolbooks, sharpen a few pencils and get back to school with these hot teasing Japanese teens. I hope you are not expecting demure, sweet and innocent little ladies because you’ll want to turn right the fuck around and get up outta here because these are not your typical cute and adorable Japanese teens you’re used to. They love sucking and fucking just like the horny little cock-pits that they are! Watch hours of tender High Quality video featuring not-so-tender moments of them taking on the hardest dicks and getting fucked until the overflow with loads of hot cum!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 04:09

I am not entirely convinced that the glistening of their bodies is entirely comprised of massage oil. The way these slippery Japanese lesbians are fucking each other it could very well be a combination of oil and pussy juices! How the camera man doesn’t just jump right into this slip n slide of nude Japanese beauties is beyond me but I’m glad he had restraint so we could enjoy this scene, dick-free!

Picture of a Japanese lesbian threesome

The experience of Japanese lesbian couples and threesome being viewed in HQ web-viewable DVD titles licking pussies and kissing will surely astound you! These Japanese lesbians sure do know how to please a woman’s pussy like no other! You’ll get access to new Japanese lesbian titles on a daily basis and of course, it’s as cheap as ¢99 per day to be a member! You’ll never get porn DVDs this cheap at the local rental outlet, that’s for sure!

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